LUCIA BRIZZI - Prepare to lose a few pounds of something with TALIA BRAVA!!!

JOAQUIN CAMILO - Will stretch your imagination as far as it can go!!

RARA SIS BOMBA - Does not just takes things off! So Hold on to your fetish darling.

DER KINDER - Do materful rendition of things only they can comprehend! We are so lucky!!!

MARIO FLORES - Will keep some balls in the air! Cuz he’s a juggler. Ya.

AL NAZ - Will bring it uptown. Spin it & sock it to you Mein Herr !!

ROGER FOJAS - Tells us a story in clown. Yes! Just how you like it.

ALLEN GITTELSON - Divines your secret crushes. You cannot hide!

BONNIE HE - Does things we may not fully understand. It’s marvelous.

IAN HARVEY STONE - Straight from Die Weimarer Republik - He vill blow your mind!

JENNIFER JONASSEN& “Intrepid Dance Company” Breaks it downnnnn!

In The Garden - 5000 Franklin Avenue

A Cabaret Circus Variety show set in the raucous days of Berlin 1924 that is dedicated to presenting lively and inventive performances ranging from the absurd to the sublime! On any given night you might see Burlesque, Puppetry, Clown, Mime, Dance troupes, Solo Character sketch, Musical numbers, and a variety of Acrobatic & Circus performers doing their thing. Your hosts Gretel Heinz & Hermann Schnitzel, their trusted butler Norbut Yetso and ze groundskeeper Gironimo vil keep the 20’s alive and ROARING.

Ve have many regular guests und dear friends!

Friday, October 26