Jake Kornelly

Marty Benson - From the Buffons - Les Enfants Maudits!
Jonathan Blake - Poetry set to music. With Ben Namnoum.

Joaquin Camillo  - Direct from his Award Winning 2017 Fringe CLOWN SHOW

Matthew Godfrey - Norbut the Butler. Or is he?

Jennifer Jonassen – Beauty is a butterfly.

Jolene Kim – Will do something funny. Very, very, very funny.

Jake Kornelly - Brings it to us from somewhere else. We cannot stop him!

Douglas Larlham - Stands up for things we may not fully understand.

Lisa Moncure -  Madame Cheri La Belle Chou Chou. Mit Chair.
Oh Olive – Oh Indeed - A Burlesque beauty beyond description!
Jason Poston - Hermann shares hes personals if you don't mind.
Gemma Soldati – Will have you face a few things. Someone has to!

Helene Udy - Gretel reveals her personal fear - Aiee!

Vanessa Vasquez – Sadness is gorgeous! Ve want to feel your pain.

John Wyatt - Uh Oh. Hold onto your panties - and that is all!

Vanessa Vasquez

Jason Poston

Matthew Godfrey

Jolene Kim

Douglas Larlham

Marty Benson

Oh Olive

John Wyatt

Helene Udy

All traditions must start mit the occurence of the first time it happens und vhen it gets hot outside zat is ver ve vant to be!  Und zat ist how ze Bohemian Garten Party came into being.  Gretel, Hermann und Norbut (mostly Norbut because he is the help after all) transformed the east garten of their gracious grounds in the suburbs of Berlin into a beautiful performance venue.  Ze neighbors from far und vide descended und caroused until late into ze summer evening.  Ve love to entertain our guests und are so grateful for all our new freunde!

Jonathan Blake with Ben Namnoum

Jennifer Jonassen

Lisa Moncure

Gemma Soldati

Joaquin Camillo