Brady Spindel

Al Naz

Amrita Dahliwal

Kazu Kusano

Matthew Godfrey

Robert Patrick

Vell dis was to be our sweet sixteen birthday celebration.  However most unfortunately Herman used a key obtained by a mysterious stranger to open a door. Dis door had never been opened before, but once it had been opened die entire universe vas suddenly reduced to die size of our living room! Vith the exception of the cat who vas still outside at ze time. It vas all very kold und confusing but vis the help of our great artists ve made it through der show und ve learned how to conquer die schmallness in ourselves in eine huge und bigly distorted vorld.  Der is noting to vorrry about! Noting at all!

Grace Lusk

Sarah Llewellyn, Chanel Pepper, Christiane Georgi and Dagne Aiken

The Klondike Triplets

Elsa Ray

Jennifer Jonassen

Meatballs and no Spagetti

Robert Patrick - Sings another delightful ditty and then some…
Al Naz - Light in his slippers but hard on his shoes.

Elsa Ray - This Cat will bring it in and sock it to you.

Meatballs and no Spagetti - ( Shawn Stoner, Murphy Martin, Jana, Joel Axelrod) --- A Super delicious tag team of miscreants.

Kazu Kusano – Super special- Stand up for her. ( Oh You will!!!)

Grace Lusk –We got lucky with this one. Grace is her FIRST name.

The Klondike Triplets - John Wyatt, Jolene Kim , Al Naz - Are all wrapped up in a banjo.

Brady Spindel - The rolling magic man.

Amrita Dhaliwal - She does it as a Danger girl Extraordinaire.
Matthew Godfrey – Super genius ( of course he’s our Butler)
Jennifer Jonassen _ Lights up the dance floor . With herself!
Sarah Lewellyn –Your triple threat! A mystery wrapped in wonder.