Sarah Lewellyn

Robert Patrick - Plays it in the dulcet tones.

RaRa Sis Bomba - Trips the light fantastic!

Bill Posley - Ya. Childhood vill never be the same.

Brady Spindel - 30 second acts of musical brilliance. Too much? No.

Kevin Krieger - A stand up guy.

Matthew Godfrey - Norbut Yetso (the butler) explains the universe.

Cheryl Rae Fidelman - Poetry in motion. No Really. It's poetry.

Lisa Moncure - Last Valentine does her chair thing.

Ashley J. Trott - Wrestles it to the ground.

Shigeru - Plays your baseball dreams out loud!

Michael Soldati - Is super human!

Jason Poston - Hermann sings a song.

Sarah Lewellyn - The Queen of everything.

Michael Soldati

Jason Poston

Ashley J. Trott

Brady Spindel

Kevin Krieger

RaRa Sis Bomba

Cheryl Rae Fidelman

Lisa Moncure


Bill Posley

Robert Patrick

Matthew Godfrey

Vat does June 25, 1924, 1978 und 2017 have in common? Vel Our Freak Flag Flew simultaneously on all of those days!  This past June 25th Gretel, Hermann und Norbut threw a party in their gracious living room in 1924 Berlin celebrating an event 54 years into the future ven the spirit of our beloved Berlin blew in ze vind for the first time! Ve all march to a different drummer und ze drummer is still free - but for how long ve do not know. Was Ist Das? vill always embrace what makes us all different und unique!