Mario Flores - Vill keep some balls in the air. Because he is a juggler. Ya!

Joaquin Camilo - Will streach your imagination as far as it will go.

Matthew Godfrey - Norbut the butler? Or is he?

Kazu Kusano - Will do something very funny! We insist.

Al Naz - Will bring it uptown. Spin it. And sock it to you you Mein Herr!!

Joaquin Camilo

Mario Flores

It vas 26 days before Halloween and all through der Garten not a creature vas stirring except Gretel und Hermann und Norbut.  Dis Vas der scary show - but not like the German ghost stories. Those are ze really scarry stories mit der kinder in der forest following the crumbs mit der witch in ze oven.  No scary stories to tell in America. All ze do is march at night mit der tiki torches wearing ghost costumes. Dis is not scary - just Boring.  As long as ve have Schnapps all vill be good.  Never give us Juice because Juice vill not replace Schnapps! Juice vill not replace Schnapps!

Al Naz

Matthew Godfrey

Kazu Kusano